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fot. Katarzyna Ditrejnowska 
modelka Alina Kwiatkowska

SUMMER IS OVER and today is the first day of classes! my roommate / best friend and I both cried while getting ready so we’re already off to a scary start. new year, new rules: self love forever, show no mercy, show no fear, learn to be happy without needing other people, forgive everyone including yourself, crush everyone and anyone who opposes me

Mermaidens: Dunkin’ Donuts

Pastel girls with hairy legs c: I drew this because it’s almost time for the grand fall/winter tradition of No Shave Til Spring

ngl I want to draw all my magical girls in lolita even tho only like three of them actually wears it but woah… considering how much my neck is aching after Minnie thats probably not a good idea ; - ; Princess Minnie Dei Amande hihi


Jane Marple ‘Strawberry border’ series 

(via the-milk-eyed-mender)




Tavi Gevinson for i-D Magazine shot by Petra Collins 

(via the-great-andromeda)